Company Introduction

Established in 2015, DMALL (Dmall Inc.) aims to offer retail digital solutions for the local retail industry. According to Frost & Sullivan, in 2023, DMALL was the largest retail digitalization solution provider in China in terms of both revenue and gross merchandise value.

As a leading retail digital solution provider in Asia, DMALL covers a broad range of operational modules, reaches a diverse customer base in the industry, and acquires in-depth retail expertise to meet the needs of all key operational links of retailers.

DMALL has served the majority of China's leading retail enterprises and successfully expanded its business to markets outside the Chinese mainland. By the end of 2023, including the Hong Kong SAR, the Macau SAR, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Poland, its overseas revenue exceeded 100 million yuan.

As of December 31, 2023, DMALL has provided services to 677 customers, such as Wumart, Metro, Lawson, and DFI Retail Group (Wellcome, Mannings), and the model has been widely verified. From 2021 to 2023, the net income retention rates are 208%, 140%, and 114%, respectively.

Dr. ZHANG Wenzhong

Founder and Senior Advisor Dr. ZHANG Wenzhong, currently serves as the honorary chairman of China General Chamber of Commerce, the chairman of Nankai Alumni Business Association, a Consumer Goods Forum China board member and holds a tenure position on the board of Nankai University in China. Dr. Zhang has won various awards, including "Top 10 China Economic Person of the Year in 2018" , "Man of the year in China’s Business News in 2018" , "A Role Model for Business Leaders in 2018" , "Man of The Year in Chinese Retailing in 2019-2020" , "25 most influential enterprise leaders in 2019", "70th anniversary outstanding business people in 2019" , "Lifetime Achievement Award in Influential Entrepreneurs in 2022", and among others.

Curtis Alan FERGUSON

Chairman and non-executive Director Mr. Curtis Alan Ferguson is a thought-leader in the consumer space. Mr. Ferguson is currently a managing partner of Ventech China Ltd., a venture capital firm based in China, since February 2021, and a director of The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, since 2020. Prior to that, he served multiple executive roles at Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) for more than 37 years, including as the president of The Coca-Cola Greater China and Korea and as the president of The Coca-Cola Middle East and North Africa.
  • Zhang Feng

    Co-founder, Executive Director and President Mr. Zhang Feng is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operation. As a founding partner of DMALL, he led the company in the implementation of “distributed e-commerce”, “full scope retail digitalization”, “the integration of online and offline shopping” and other retail digitalization initiatives. Mr. Zhang Feng obtained his bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and EMBA degree from University of Southern California.
  • Yang Kai

    Chief Technology Officer, Chief Executive Officer of International Business Mr. Yang Kai worked at JD, responsible for core business development. Mr. Yang Kai has over 15 years of experience in the Internet industry, and rich experience in product development and omnichannel retail platform. At DMALL, he is responsible for overall strategy, the development of Dmall OS system and international market and management of research and development of our Group.
  • Liu Guihai

    Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Liu Guihai worked as BD Director in Phoenix New Media co., Ltd. He also served as a director and the Vice President of Sanrenxing Media Group. Mr. Liu Guihai has over 10 years of experience in online marketing management and rich experience in industry marketing.
  • Ren Zhongwei

    Chief Strategy Officer Mr. Ren Zhongwei served as the General Manager of Smart TV Division and the General Manager of the Northern Region at Lenovo Group Limited. Mr. Ren Zhongwei has over 18 years of working experience in Internet, retail, and related industries and rich management experience.
  • Tang Yifan

    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Mr. Tang Yifan has over 15 years of experience in investment and financing. Mr. Tang Yifan also worked at several China-based securities companies, investment banks and top accounting firms. Mr. Tang Yifan obtained his bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology and master’s degree in computer system architecture from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China.
  • Chen Zhiyu

    Non-Executive Director Mr. Chen Zhiyu has served as Deputy CEO of METRO China since March 2021. He also worked at Barclays Bank and Alibaba Group in London, Hong Kong and mainland China, and served as SVP of Walmart China. Mr. Chen Zhiyu graduated from Zhejiang University with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and obtained his Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Oxford.

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