Zhang Feng , the President of Dmall, attended the World Internet Conference and shared the insights of fighting epidemic via retail digitalization

On November 23, 2020, the World Internet Conference - Internet Development Forum, themed "Digital Empowerment for a Better Future: Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace", opened in Wuzhen, a river town in east China's Zhejiang Province. Zhang Feng, president of Dmall, a Chinese omni-channel retail digital service provider, was invited to the main forum "Science, Technology and Innovation for Development", where he discussed with other guests about IT-based sci-tech cooperation in the new era. Currently, the world is navigating through a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Information technology, now deeply engrained in people's daily lives, has been fueling transformations around the globe. Countries all over the world recognize the strategic values of it. But here is the million-dollar question: how to strengthen cooperation between governments, corporations and research institutions in the new generation of information technology and the relevant key application arenas? As a representative of digital retail businesses, Zhang talked about how Dmall worked with other retailers in the fight against Covid-19. The sudden hit of the pandemic has brought many inconveniences to people's daily lives. Buying fresh groceries, disinfection items and protective equipment has become much more difficult. Brick & Mortar stores have played a strategic role in safeguarding these essential supplies, said Zhang.

As an enabler, Dmall has established a network connecting the scattered retailers in China. Although the total sales of Chinese retailing business are tantamount to that of the U.S., Chinese retailing landscape is fragmented. By now, Dmall has served 120 B&M supermarket chains, linked more than 13,000 stores and registered more than 180 million users. This has shaped economies of scale that can drive higher efficiency.

Zhang also shared, Dmall is reconstructing offline stores, through the twin force of industrial internet and consumer internet. Enabled by retail alliance cloud services and ALoT, it has managed to draw a new picture for offline retailing. In the future, Dmall will zero in on standardization, and application of big data, to further advance digital transformation of physical stores.

About Dmall:Founded in 2015, Dmall is a omni-channel retail digital platform to achieving retailers’ comprehensive digital transformation and providing them with joint cloud services based on Dmall OS and MiniOS systems. With 15 major systems and 800 sub-systems, Dmall OS is developed to offer complete digital solutions; MiniOS is custom-built for convenience stores. With integrated retail and cloud-optimized store-to-home omni-channel service, Dmall contributes to high efficiency for enterprises and better experience for consumers.

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