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  • A Digital Future in Excellence and Committed Customer Service

    A Digital Future in Excellence and Committed Customer Service

    Adoption of digital initiatives accelerated as the need became much direr with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing consumers into their homes for their safety. Whilst most retail companies scrambled to make sense of the situation and come up with a way to overcome said challenges, Dmall Life (China) Digital Technology(DMALL) introduced their DMALL Shelf Display Management System and digital transformation initiative, winning the Digital Initiative of the Year - China Award and the Customer Service Initiative of the Year - China Award at the Retail Asia Awards 2022. Read more
  • How can DMALL help 7-Eleven South China to achieve digital transformation?

    Retail SaaS Provider DMALL to Celebrate 7th Anniversary Amidst Rapid Global Growth

    On 1st April 2022, DMALL, Asia's leading retail SaaS provider, announced that today marks its 7th anniversary. DMALL was founded in April 2015 by a group of retail industry professionals and passionate young innovators. It helps retailers and brand owners to achieve digital transformation and online-offline integration, enables them the omnichannel operation capabilities, and provides various value-added services. Read more
  • Metro cooperated with Dmall makes a digital technology sample for global retail

    How can DMALL Help 7-Eleven South China to Achieve Digital Transformation?

    Since October 2020, DMALL has improved and upgraded 7-Eleven South China on multiple levels through its deep understanding and rich practical experience of the retail industry. Read more
  • DMALL Named on Global Unicorn Index 2021 by Hurun Research Institute, Facilitating the Digital Transformation of Offline Retail

    In December 2021, the Hurun Research I nstitute released the Global Unicorn Index 2021, on which Dmall ranks No. 305 this year with a US$2.5 Billion valuation after it closed $418.5 million in Series C round. This is the second year in a row that Dmall has been named, and the valuation of Dmall has increased 1.5 times since 2020. Read more
  • Dr. Zhang Wenzhong, the Founder of DMALL, Attended the CGF China Day 2021 and Delivered a Keynote Speech

    Shanghai, February 18, 2022 - The Consumer Goods Forum's 4th China Day was held in Shanghai on February 17th. Themed "Creating a Common Prosperity Future Together", it brought together members and industry experts from across the Greater China region to share cutting-edge insights and positive change best practices in multiple topics. Dr. Zhang Wenzhong, as a member of CGF China Board of Directors, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "Seize the digital opportunity to create the future of the consumer goods industry". Read more
  • Metro cooperated with Dmall makes a digital technology sample for global retail

    On March 22, 2021, Metro Group announced that from May 1, Cai Tianle (Tino Zeiske) will succeed Claude Sarrailh as the president of Metro China, take responsibility for promoting the development of the company's business, and fully promote the digital transformation of Metro China. Read more
  • Metro China and Dmall jointly build retail alliance cloud services in the digital era

    “It is great since the system automatically matched the best price.” Said by the cashier at the Shanghai Putuo store of Metro Supermarket, who was helping customers to check out. Read more
  • Dmall focuses on digital transformation and upgrading of the retail company with continuous optimization of retail alliance cloud services in five years

    Retail alliance cloud services researched by Dmall achieve the coordination of production, supply, and distribution. They work on both sides of supply and demand and aim to assist business and to service customers, finally to promote the retail market running smoothly by digitization. Read more
  • DMALL Raises $419 Million Through Series C Funding Round

    On Oct. 30, Dmall, a leading omni-channel retail digital platform in China, announced it raised 2.8 billion yuan, an equivalent of $419 million, through its Series C funding round. The round was led by China Industrial Investment Asset Management and China Structural Reform Fund Corp. Ltd. with participation from internet giant Tencent Holdings (OTC: TCEHY; HKEX: 0700) and IDG Capital. Read more
  • Zhang Feng , the President of Dmall, attended the World Internet Conference and shared the insights of fighting epidemic via retail digitalization

    On November 23, 2020, the World Internet Conference - Internet Development Forum, themed "Digital Empowerment for a Better Future: Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace", opened in Wuzhen, a river town in east China's Zhejiang Province. Read more
  • Dr. Zhang Wenzhong's conversation with Wal-Mart's chief executive: Retail industries are facing great opportunities and challenges in both China and U.S.

    STANFORD, US, Jan. 27-- Dr. Zhang Wenzhong, founder and chairman of China’s leading retail giant WuMart Group and Omni-channel Retail Digital Platform Dmall, has said that in the digital era, all retail businesses face tremendous opportunities and challenges. It has become a consensus for the industry to build online-offline integration through digital transformation. Read more
  • Metro China joined the Dmall family after the completion of Wumart's take-over

    Delivery of "acquisition of 80% equities of Metro China by Wumart" was formally finished. In the night of Apr. 23, Wumart Group announced this official message. As the technical partner of Metro China, Dmall is carrying out services in all aspects. At present, Metro has had five online stores which have launched Dmall door-to-door business, and all the omni-channel business has served more than 50,000 VIP customers. Read more
  • Dr. Zhang Wenzhong delivered keynote speech at the China International Trade Fair in Services

    The founder of DMALL Zhang Wenzhong Attended CIFTIS and Delivered a Speech2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) is being held in Beijing. Read more

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