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Dmall's retail industry empowerment capabilities proven again with Metro China's OS adoption

Founded in Germany in 1964, Metro makes the integration of supermarkets and warehouse storage capability as its core competency , and mainly targets small and medium-sized retailers, hotels, restaurants, factories, governments and other institutional customers. Founded more than 50 years ago, Metro is ranked as one of the Fortunate 500 companies. Respectively, Metro is Germany's largest, Europe's second largest, the world's third largest retail wholesale supermarket group.
Dmall became Metro China's technology partner in April 2020 and the two sides began upgrading themselves through online and offline integration and store-to-home integration as a way to comprehensively enhance Metro's consumer-oriented service capabilities and promote drive user traffic growth. In less than three weeks after the digital membership upgrade, the number of new user registration surpassed 60,000 and paid membership count increased by 30,000. The monthly purchase frequency per user also rose noticeably as well. Dmall was also deeply involved in the transformation of Metro's first new-concept store. When it was reopened after redecoration, the peak number of visitors in Metro Shanghai Putuo mall increased 92% than before , When it was reopened after comprehensive digitalization upgrade, the peak number of visitors at Metro Shanghai Putuo mall increased 92%, the digital membership accounted for more than 30% in the opening month and the store-to-home orders from all channels increased 40%.

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